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Designed specifically as the ultimate executive office audio system, the Ferrari Art.Engine can be found in the most exclusive offices, dens and garages of music lovers, Ferrari enthusiasts and fine art collectors around the world. From Michael Schumacher to Heads of State, the Ferrari Art.Engine has made an impression on everyone who owns this limited edition audio instrument.

Audio As Art. As one of the most exclusive products ever inspired by Ferrari, Art.Engine is an objet d’art that introduces a new standard in music reproduction and visual presentation. More a fine instrument than a piece of electronic equipment, the Art.Engine combines performance, beauty and simplicity, making it the focal point of any space it inhabits.

Limited Edition. Out of respect for Ferrari tradition, production of the Art.Engine has been limited to 1000 pieces. Much like the famous limited runs of classic GT cars, Art.Engine’s exclusivity creates increased excitement for auto aficionados, collectors and audio connoisseurs alike.

Exclusivity Is Guaranteed. Following the experience gained from the production of limited edition GT cars, the Art.Engine limited edition is carefully monitored with audits at every stage of production. In order to maximize the value of the Art.Engine owner’s investment, photographs and data from each Art.Engine are documented in detail and registered for future reference and authentication. To further guarantee authenticity, official Ferrari holographic markers on each Art.Engine are individually numbered and are recorded as part of the audit procedure.

Certificate Of Authenticity. Every Art.Engine is given a multi-stage inspection and is performance tested prior to authentication and registration. Once the Art.Engine has passed all performance, assembly and visual detail inspections, a unique Certificate of Authenticity is produced, signed and presented to the new Art.Engine owner.

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Exclusivity In Performance. Exclusivity In Ownership.

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