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Ferrari’s Advances in Material Science and Fabrication. are just two examples of how Ferrari’s technological excellence has inspired the development of the Art.Engine. Digitally controlled milling of billet aluminum, carbon fiber composite fabrication, laser and water-jet cutting, electronic “black-box” circuitry and Ferrari inspired paint formulations combine to give Art.Engine the high level of quality and elegance expected of a product bearing the Ferrari name.

Every Component Is Engineered for Ultimate Performance And Reliability. Art.Engine brings a legendary name into the world of high tech audio, requiring uncompromising performance and quality standards. Every component has been designed and engineered to meet exacting performance parameters. As an example of this commitment to absolute quality, all 16 hand-assembled mid/woofers used in the Art.Engine are individually tested prior to approval for use. Once approved, they must be matched as a group, to provide the truest, most consistent sound possible. This grouping is then mated to a pair of unique dome tweeters produced by ScanSpeak of Denmark – respected throughout the world as the leader in dome tweeter technology.

Material Selection Designed to Enhance Performance. Art.Engine’s chassis has been engineered to optimize structural rigidity and sound-wave flow. Sophisticated mathematical modeling of the aluminum chassis maximizes sonic accuracy while eliminating unwanted resonances and vibration, allowing Art.Engine to convert all of its speaker cone motion into sound energy, without losing music detail through structural vibration.

"Just before the Grand Prix, Michael Schumacher's new Ferrari was pushed onto the track apron.
For 15 minutes I was able to examine every nook and cranny of a new Ferrari F1 car with its
lashings of carbon fiber and excellence in everything. The Art.Engine has that same fascination
- it is good looking and every detail exudes quality - it says about itself what people want to say
about themselves."

- Mike Hanlon– Australia Mag Writer - editor of

Digital Machining. Hand Assembly. A Tower Of Science And Art.

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