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Machined from 250 pound billets of T6 aluminum and trimmed in carbon fiber, the Ferrari Art.Engine is hand finished with multi-coat Ferrari paints and clear coat and buffed to an extraordinary lustre. You can choose any Ferrari color - from current to historical and classic shades.

Every component in the Ferrari Art.Engine is custom engineered for ultimate performance. Attention to detail and absolute quality are driven by the passion of DWC and Ferrari - and a “cost no object” approach to creating the ultimate musical system for the executive office or home.

Built into the solid aluminum enclosure are 18 drivers, four 200 watt digital amps, proprietary DSP and DWC-APHEX® circuitry and a wireless digital receiver, allowing CD quality music to be beamed to the Art.Engine directly from your computer or DWC wireless dock.

Assembly, Quality Control & Testing. Manufacturing and assembly at the purpose-built Art.Engine facility provide the foundation for exacting performance and quality control. Computer-controlled machining converts raw aluminum into highly detailed components, which after inspection, are plated, painted and clear-coated in a two-week process that ends in the hand-assembled Art.Engine. Visual, electronic and listening tests implemented throughout the production and assembly process Finished in a choice of Ferrari inspired colors, including Rosso Corsa, Argento Nurburgring, Grigio Silverstone and Nero, Art.Engine celebrates the performance, detail and timeless beauty of the world’s greatest GT cars.

"Caress the Beautiful Curves. Feel the Smoothness of the Paint and Metal.
  Your Senses will Tell You that this is a Special Product."

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