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Art.Engine is the result of a dream inspired by Ferrari’s uncompromising approach to product engineering and style. Experience the emotional excitement and exclusivity that is Art.Engine. In your home or office, Art.Engine will ignite your passion for music.

1) ENGINE START BUTTON:The Engine Start power button is designed to reflect the excitement and function of the buttons used on select Ferrari road and race cars. Designed for simplicity, this is the only control button on the Art.Engine.

2) TWEETER: 28mm Soft Dome Tweeter with Neodymium Motor – Art.Engine utilizes unique tweeters produced by ScanSpeak of Denmark, respected throughout the world as the leader in dome tweeter technology.

3) WOOFER: Art.Engine’s multiple speaker arrays utilize small, low mass carbon fiber speaker cones to achieve dramatic performance improvements in “rise-time” (the time it takes to reproduce the signal impulse). Art.Engine rise-time is so immediate that the signal is reproduced without distortion and “time-smearing” – the blurring of the sonic image caused by the inertial lag found in larger speaker cones.

4) COOLING DUCTS: Twin NACA ducts provide air intake for cooling of the electronics built into the Art.Engine. NACA ducts have provided streamlined cooling for Ferrari GT and racing cars without requiring large ports and air deflectors. Spiral exit vents on the rear of the Art.Engine provide excellent airflow.

5) LED INDICATORS: Amp power status indicators.

"It's high-tech, cool, has great brand associations, lots of workmanship and it is fascinating to look at."

- Mike Hanlon– Australia Mag Writer - editor of

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Art.Engine. A Tribute to Ferrari.

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engine start
engine start