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Description: Bi-amplified, stereo audio system with twin integrated line-source loudspeakers, amplifiers, DSP signal management and digital wireless receiver. Eight custom DWC 75mm (3") carbon fiber high-performance mid/woofers and one ScanSpeak custom 28mm (1.1") soft dome tweeter are used in each of the two channels. At 120 cm (47”) tall and 41 cm (16”) wide, the Art.Engine is a floor standing audio system designed to be placed against the wall. Ideal for home and office use to replace a conventional HiFi system.

Primary signal input is wireless streaming of music files or radio via iTunes® (free downloadable software) running on any computer (PC or Mac) with wireless functionality. The Art.Engine may also be used with conventional line level sources such as CD players, tuners, iPods and most other portable devices, via RCA input jacks (accessory cables included).

Frequency Response:
40 Hz – 20 kHz +/- 3 dB
200 Hz – 20 kHz +/- 1 dB

Maximum Sound Pressure:
110 dB @ 1M

Speaker Compliment(each channel):
Low/Mid: 8 X 75mm (3”) wide-range, long stroke carbon fiber (magnetically shielded)
Treble: 1 X 28mm (1.1”) soft dome with Neodymium motor (magnetically shielded)

Four 200 Watt Discrete Digital Amplifier Modules

Amplifier Operating Class:
Enhanced Performance PWM Class D

Signal/Noise Ratio:
> 110 dB

Input Voltage Sensitivity:
1 Volt

Input Impedance:
Analog Input – 10k Ohms

Signal Connections:
Wireless input requires 802.11 WiFi enabled computer. Analog wired connection via side mounted RCA jacks. Input mode selectable via side mounted precision input signal switch. Signal input controlled with rotary volume attenuator.

Input Power Connection:
10 Amp IEC, 3 Pin Grounding. Front Mounted Master Power Switch.

Input Power Requirement:
110 – 240 Volts, 50/60 Hz. Power Supply is Auto Switching.

Status Indicators:
Four Front Panel Mounted LED Master Power Indicators
Side Panel Mounted Multi-Color LED Wireless Status Indicator

CE Compliant



6061 T6 Machined Aluminum
Bonded Carbon Fiber Composite

Painted Part Finish:
Ferrari Inspired Paint & Clear Coat. Available in Rosso Corsa red, Argento Nurburgring silver, Grigio Silverstone grey and Nero black. (Custom Ferrari Colors Upon Request)

Plated Part Finishes:
Bright Dip Clear Anodization
Black Anodization
Polished Chrome
22 Karat Gold

Height: 120.65 cm (47.5")
Width: 40.64 cm (16")
Depth: 16.19 cm (6.375") At Sides: 3.17 cm (1.25”) Deep

Base Plate:
Width: 45.72 cm (18”)
Depth: 33.02 cm (13")

48.63 kg (107.2#) Net (Product Only)


Input Cable:
365.76 cm (144”) RCA to RCA cable with Gold Plated Plugs (For CD and other component input devices.)

Input Cable:
137.1 cm (54”) Mini Plug to RCA cable with Gold Plated Plugs (For iPod® & other portable input devices.)

Floor Spikes:
Floor Spikes (For installations on carpet.)

Slip Cover:
Techno Fleece Protective Slip Cover

Specifications subject to change, without advance notice, in the interest of product improvement. Produced under license of Ferrari SpA. FERRARI, the PRANCING HORSE device, all associated logos and distinctive designs are trademarks of Ferrari SpA. DWC, DWC logo, Art.Engine and Art.Engine designs are trademarks of David Wiener Ventures LLC. Apple, iPod® and iTunes® are trademarks of Apple Computer

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