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A New Experience In Music Listening. The innovative technology that makes Art.Engine such an extraordinary audio instrument is a clear reflection of the Art.Engine team’s culture of unrestricted design and R&D. The resulting acoustic, digital and wireless technologies, materials, design and fabrication combine to create a significant advance in audio accuracy, stereo imaging and sound dispersion.

Wireless — The Future Of Listening. Art.Engine’s wireless signal input system takes advanced audio performance to a new level of ease. Simply plug the Art.Engine into an electrical outlet and the digital receiver technology built into the Art.Engine will instantly take music files and web radio beamed from any PC or Mac computer and turn it into an exceptional listening experience. Art.Engine also provides a hardwire input connection for a CD player, satellite radio, iPod® or other portable music device, so you can listen to anything you or your guests want to plug in.

Stereo Imaging From A Single Point Source. Art.Engine has solved a significant problem encountered in conventional stereo systems: how to get both channels to sound balanced from any position in the room. Unlike conventional systems, which require you to sit in a specific location, perfectly positioned between two speakers, Art.Engine’s proprietary signal management technology provides accurate stereo imaging to any location. Eliminating the need for two speakers and wiring provides unique flexibility in the placement of the Art.Engine within the room, creating an un-cluttered and elegant audio installation.

"DWV had an idea for improving how we listen to music and that tubular speaker became DWV’s first patent in 1985. Twenty years of innovating sound systems has culminated in Art.Engine – the ultimate Ferrari collectible"

- Helen Hutchings, Managing Editor - Auto Aficionado

Exceptional Sound. Wireless Installation.

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