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Art.Opera is the powerful expression of the science of loudspeaker design fused with meticulous construction and styling using unconventional materials that, combined with the finest acoustic components, deliver exceptional clarity, imaging, dynamics, spaciousness and realism. Art.Opera’s acoustic engineering and visionary design have created voicing that is truly realistic for music and entertainment. In addition, DWC’s "Concert-Studio" spatial feature can be engaged with the push of a button to make music listening even more realistic and enjoyable.

Ambiance Recovery System: Art.Opera’s Concert-Studio feature is an ambiance recovery system designed to allow selectability for recordings that are often inconsistent in their ability to capture the ambiance of the recording venue. In particular, older recordings are often unnaturally "dry" and miss the liveliness desired in most music. The Art.Opera features a mirrored speaker array driven through a unique matrix circuit that helps to recover the ambiance buried in the mix. This gives recorded music a wider, more spacious sonic image that restores the missing ambiance, without adding any artificial information. The music is recovered from phase and level queues within the recording. Select two levels of recovery or easily disengage the system at the push of a button for recordings that don’t require the use of this musical enhancement.

Precision Crossover: The crossover of the Art.Opera is constructed of components specifically chosen for their transparency and sonic signatures, which perfectly compliment the characteristics of the transducers. The circuit topology provides bi-wire capability for the main speaker portion of each enclosure. The crossover features point-to-point construction using high-purity copper wire and high silver content solder. This guarantees the most transparent signal transfer and seamless integration that reveals all the subtle nuance of high quality recordings.

2-Way Bass System: The bass drive of the Art.Opera incorporates a rear mounted 10" woofer and a 10" auxiliary bass radiator that combines with eight front-mounted 3.5" carbon-fiber drivers to deliver the elusive combination of the transient accuracy of small, lightweight drivers with the serious bass usually associated with larger woofers. The "V8" mid-bass array uses drivers identical to the midranges, facilitating a seamless transition between midbass and midrange frequency bands. The 10" woofer provides powerful low frequency extension with extremely low distortion by using a magnetic assembly sheathed with a distortion-reducing collar and topped with an aluminum cap that resists modulation of the magnetic field by the strong voice-coil current. This dramatically reduces distortion at all levels. The woofer's die-cast alloy basket has been designed to eliminate restriction of airflow so there is no aerodynamic compression from the powerful bass energy.

Art.Opera. Extreme Performance and Style Through Visionary Speaker Design.

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