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Patented DWC-Aphex™ Music Enhancing Circuitry - Ignite your music, bringing quality back to compressed and   digital audio for the first time.

Powerful Two-Way DWC-Wireless™ Technology - Make wireless drop-outs a thing of the past.

Wirelessly Transmit All Of Your Music - Art.Solista is compatible with all computers and will transmit and sonically   enhance any audio (both music and speech) that plays on your computer. This includes CDs and DVDs, as well as   Internet radio, audio books, YouTube videos, etc.

Elegant Design - A statement connected to your computer - elegant, high tech style and limited edition collectable.

Art.Solista’s proprietary wireless transmission technology allows users to transmit any audio source from their computer to the included Art.Solista receiver – both sculptures in machined aluminum.

The USB audio connection works with both PC and MAC and provides superior sound quality over analog
soundcard audio.

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engine start
engine start