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DWC-Wireless™ - Transmit Your Music Wirelessly Anywhere.
Art.Solista is compatible with all computers and will transmit and sonically enhance any audio (both music and speech) that plays on your computer. This includes music libraries, CDs and DVDs, as well as Internet radio, audio books, YouTube videos, etc. Art.Solista creates a powerful wireless link between the USB transmitter and included wireless receiver, using the highest audio quality wireless technology ever offered in consumer audio.

DWC-Aphex™ - Sound Quality Reproduction As The Original Musicians Intended.
Art.Solista’s extraordinary audio enhancement technology is being brought to the consumer electronics world for the first time ever by the David Wiener Collection. Originally developed for the recording and broadcast industry, and used by top artists and engineers like James Taylor and Paul McCartney in mastering their albums, the DWC-Aphex circuitry makes recorded music more “alive” by restoring the harmonics lost in compressed music files

DWC-Aphex makes your listening experience far more enjoyable as your music’s natural brightness and range is restored with better clarity, detail and presence – just as the original artist intended. When the DWC-Aphex switch is enabled, the music immediately ascends into a powerful and spacious audio experience with a more “live” sound, enhanced stereo imaging, deeper and more powerful bass and clarity never before heard from bit rate audio recordings.

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