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Art.Station is an audio enhancing transmission system that allows you to charge and play your iPod® or iPhone® to any stereo
or powered speaker system. Utilizing DWC’s proprietary DWC•Aphex® audio enhancement technologies to bring all your music
back to life, Art.Station not only makes your music sound better than it ever has; podcasts and audio books benefit from dramatically
improved speech intelligibility. The result is better sound and a more enjoyable entertainment experience. With iPod and auxiliary
input options, the Art.Station allows you to enjoy all your music with DWC performance and style.

About DWC•Aphex® Audio Enhancement Technology
The DW Collection is proud to present the most exciting and effective audio
enhancement system available today. Developed in collaboration with Aphex Systems, Ltd, a world leader
in the professional audio recording and broadcast field for over 30 years, DWC•Aphex® is designed
to bring life back to music files, improve intelligibility and reproduce the musical experience as the
original artist intended.

• DWC•Aphex circuitry breathes new life into all your music – even heavily
compressed, low bit rate files – by restoring musical harmonics.
• Vocals, drums, pianos, guitars, and all instruments are more distinct and detailed.
• Clarity and presence are improved and stereo imaging is increased to create a
more spacious and realistic performance.
• Bass frequencies are richer, deeper and more resonant.
• Lo-fi audio systems are more convincing and full range systems are nothing short
of amazing.
• The emotional impact of the music is improved even when listening at low volumes.
• Improved speech intelligibility improves books on CD/Tape, Audible™ files,
and podcasts.

The popularity of MP3 and other compressed music format players proves that many
listeners are willing to sacrifice music quality for convenience. But with the DWC•Aphex circuit it doesn’t have to be a compromise! DWC•Aphex circuitry reverses
the fidelity loss by restoring the harmonic richness lost in the conversion/compression process. Ultimately, DWC•Aphex restores the sound that the original artist intended.

Originally developed for the recording and broadcast industry, and used by top artists and engineers like James Taylor and Paul McCartney in mastering their albums, the new DWC•Aphex circuitry makes recorded music more “alive” by restoring the harmonics lost in compressed music files.

DWC•Aphex® - Sound Quality Reproduction As The Original Musicians Intended
DWC•Aphex makes your listening experience far more enjoyable as your music’s natural brightness and range are restored with better clarity, detail and presence – just as the original artist intended. When the DWC•Aphex switch is enabled, the music immediately ascends into a powerful and spacious audio experience with a more "live" sound, enhanced stereo imaging, deeper and more powerful bass and clarity never before heard from bit rate audio recordings – regardless of the quality of your audio system! Whether youuse a tabletop audio system or a world-class audiophile system, DWC•Aphex will make your listening experience better. One listen will prove it.

Another Case Of DWC Practical Elegance
The Art.Station features convenient connection, beautiful design and elegant sound. This is the goal of every product that bears the David Wiener Collection name and our registry of happy customers is a tribute to our commitment to creating the most innovative and highest performance products for music lovers.

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