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In becoming an owner of a collectable audio product from the David Wiener Collection, you are assured of the highest quality, interference-free, wireless audio transmission system available. And you also get the benefit of the extraordinary DWC-APHEX® music enhancing circuitry that restores life to your bit-rate reduced audio recordings (digital music files like those used by iPods and MP3s).

As a limited edition David Wiener Collection piece, the Art.Suono has not only been designed for ultimate performance and quality; it has been created to bring long-term enjoyment and value to you. Over time, the David Wiener Collection will continue to grow in value and world recognition. You can consider your Art.Suono to be a luxurious piece of design art and an investment in your ongoing happiness.

"The Art.Suono is designed for individuals looking for beauty, performance and exclusivity. It embodies our passion for extraordinary design, our obsession with technological excellence, and our belief that these qualities can be combined to create audio instruments that deliver a new experience in music listening."
– David Wiener

   Art. Elegance. Exclusivity.

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