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Designed to sit on a table or desk and fabricated to the highest standards, the Art.Suono celebrates the design and detailing of the original Art.Engine tower system. Machined aluminum, carbon fiber accents, and fine detailing and finishes combine to make Art.Suono the most exclusive iPod® dock yet created. The included Art.Suono receiver is also executed in machined aluminum and is styled to allow it to displayed or hidden – at the user’s desire.

The Art.Suono Transmission Dock and Receiver are both machined from blocks of aircraft-grade aluminum. All machining is done in the DWC Technology Center as is all handwork, fine-tuning, final assembly and QC.

Circuitry and wiring are designed for exact fit and every component is electrically and acoustically tested to verify performance – performance that has been inspired by Ferrari.

Simply pick up the Art.Suono Dock and you will instantly sense the quality, craftsmanship and elegance that make this such a fine product.

"Art.Suono  is both an ingenious audio instrument and an  elegant sculpture."

- Winston Wolfe – The Paddock Magazine

Technology Combined With Passionate Craftsmanship.

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