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Like all products destined to bear the David Wiener Collection name, Art.Suono has been developed with a single purpose: to provide the ultimate performance and user experience while offering extreme quality, exceptional construction and detailing not normally found in consumer products. Art.Suono’s volume control is a perfect example of this extreme dedication to innovation and excellence typical of DWC products: a half-pound of aluminum nearly three inches in diameter incorporates a two inch, Formula One style roller bearing to ensure exacting standards of performance.

Every piece of the Art.Suono is carefully machined under the watchful eyes of skilled artisans. Hand finishing prior to painting and plating ensures exacting standards of quality and fit. Every component is tested for performance, fit and finish prior to assembly. Final QC (quality control) procedures guarantee that your Art.Suono will thrill you the very first time you plug it in and listen to your favorite music.

For David Wiener Collection, Quality has no limits.

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