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David Wiener conceived the Art.Suono as the ultimate combination of elegant design, advanced performance and extreme convenience. Every shape, detail, material choice and technology was chosen to create a new experience in music entertainment. And with David’s Ferrari influences, the Art.Suono becomes not only a technological advance in the world of audio – it becomes a piece of art deserving of a place on any music lover’s desk or table.

Wireless Technology For Any Music Source
Art.Suono’s proprietary wireless transmission technology allows users to transmit any audio source to any audio system (including the DWC Ferrari Art.Engine and future systems from DWC). The audio source can be an iPod®, computer, CD player, MP3 player or satellite radio.

It's also the most practical. In addition to custom DWC-APHEX® technology, Art.Suono's features include iPod®-docking and charging for any style iPod®, an "Engine Start" power button, an input signal switch, a concealed input jack, LED indicators, and a convenient volume control designed to allow quick changes when attending to phone calls and other distractions.

"In creating the Art.Suono, we wanted to make a piece of technological jewelry for the executive desk. Our work with music and audio reproduction, combined with our passion for timeless design, has resulted in a musical system that allows you to enjoy all of your music in an effortless manner. You will find that our new DWC-APHEX® music enhancing circuitry will bring your music to life and will give you even more pleasure as you listen."

– David Wiener

   Music As The Original Artist Intended.

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