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In an effort to raise the bar on wireless music transmission performance, the Art.Suono uses DWC-Wireless technology, an innovative wireless technology designed to provide the highest quality audio transmission. In addition, DWC-Wireless maximizes interference protection from appliances such as cordless phones and microwave ovens, and is designed to work consistently, even in highly populated areas and multi-unit dwellings.

DWC-Wireless utilizes Spread Spectrum technology, considered to be the most effective method of achieving effective communication in the 2.4GHz ISM band. Using Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS), which allows the system to rapidly change channels in order to maintain constant connection and eliminate drop-outs, DWC-Wireless provides more consistent and stable connectivity, along with the highest quality audio signal available.

DWC-APHEX® circuit features a patented technology that provides “intelligence” that determines which part of the music needs harmonic enhancement making it much more musical. The DWC-APHEX® effects are even noticeable on tiny personal computer speakers.
Key Benefits:
• Enhanced Bit Rate Reduced Sources Brings Music Back To Life With More Impact
• Improved Detail And Imaging
• Restored Natural Brightness And Subtle Nuances
• Increased Presence And Clarity
• Improved Overall Dimensionality
• Deeper and More Resonant Bass With "Punch"

DWC-APHEX® – A First For Consumer Electronics & Unique To DWC
The Art.Suono also incorporates an astounding acoustic technology brought to the consumer electronics world for the first time ever – by the David Wiener Collection. First developed for the recording industry, and used by top recording artists and engineers like Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor and Paul McCartney in mastering their albums, the DWC-APHEX® circuitry makes recorded music more “alive” by restoring the harmonics lost in compressed music files and providing incredible spaciousness and clarity so that each instrument and voice is clear and distinct. At the same time, bass frequency response is optimized, providing deeper and more resonant bass with the fullness, richness and depth that will make any sound system sound more powerful. Unlike an equalizer or bass boost circuit, DWC-APHEX® restores and improves bass without creating muddiness, or increasing the amount of amplification needed or increasing the listening volume.

The proprietary DWC-APHEX® circuitry, developed by APHEX Systems for DWC, makes your listening experience far more enjoyable as your music’s natural brightness and range is restored with better clarity, detail and presence – just as the original artist intended. When the DWC-APHEX® switch is enabled, the music immediately ascends into a powerful and spacious audio experience with a more “live” sound, enhanced stereo imaging, deeper and more powerful bass and clarity never before heard from bit rate audio recordings.

DWC Wireless Entertainment – The Future of Music.

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