Congratulations to our own Apolo Ohno – Olympic Record Holder, Champion and DW Collection Ambassador – Your performance and style inspire all of us!

Olympic Champion, Apolo Anton Ohno, has joined the DW Collection team as Product and Company Ambassador, singing the praises of DWC's precision, performance, style and quality.

Apolo contacted DW Collection in late 2009 to buy some products for his own use. After a New Year's Day meeting and demo at the DWC Studio, Apolo was even more excited about DWC's products and technology.

Subsequent communications between Apolo and David led to both agreeing that Apolo would be a perfect spokesperson for DWC. His love of music, performance and design, as well as his great interest in high performance cars, resonated with everything DWC is doing. Apolo's instant appeal and charisma is attracting people of all ages to DWC's products and music enhancing technology.

Apolo recently realized his 2010 Olympic dream to become the winningest athlete in Winter Olympic history. With 8 gold, silver and bronze medals, along with his winning the Dancing With The Stars TV competition, Apolo has become a household name. and now he's part of the DW Collection team. Wow!

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"DWC's products fit my lifestyle and my love of music and design."
"Sleek, powerful, accurate, high quality, stunningly beautiful. All of these came to mind when touring the DWV studio."

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