David Wiener’s long-time connection with Ferrari began with his early work as a Ferrari race engine assembler at the revered Chinetti Ferrari in Greenwich, Connecticut. Followed by involvements in race driving, car design and wind tunnel operation, David founded DWV to create advanced vehicles, products, furniture and fashion.

A History of Working With Top Brands David Wiener and DWV have worked with some of the world’s great brands, including the U.S. Ski Team, Columbia, Cannondale, Ben & Jerry’s, Nike, Ganassi IndyCar, Hollywood, TWR, Old Navy, Bloomingdales and many others.

DWV programs have also been sponsored by such well-known companies as Adidas, Campagnolo, AMF, DuPont, Fischer, Salomon, Revo, Vuarnet and others.

You can see some of the varied and exciting concepts from David Wiener at the David Wiener Ventures website: www.DWV.com.

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engine start