Passion & Drive. Technology & Style.
Passion. Drive, Technology. Style. These are the motivations of David Wiener – and the raison d’être for the David Wiener Collection. From his earliest days, David Wiener’s childhood was filled with dreams of driving Formula One cars and building amazing machines. Today, as one of the true innovators in the world of advanced products and elegant fashion, David Wiener has been driven to create excitement and wonder.

A career spent developing and realizing some of the most unique vehicles, machines, furnishings and fashion lines ever to evolve from one mind, David Wiener has now set a new challenge: create a comprehensive collection of luxury entertainment products, furniture, furnishings, fashion and accessories, all tied together by a common thread of supreme quality, performance, style and exclusivity. The launch of the David Wiener Collection, premiering the extraordinary Ferrari Art.Engine home audio system, is merely a hint at the innovative world of David Wiener and the David Wiener Collection.

Creativity Integrated Across Boundaries.
David Wiener has been the subject of countless magazine and television features, including a PBS documentary about David’s development of world speed record bikes. What many readers and TV viewers do not realize is that David Wiener not only creates and directs all the product and fashion designs, engineering and execution; all the associated creative work: graphics, web design, image pieces and photography are also directed by this human idea factory. David’s quest of integrated design and operations for each and every product that the David Wiener companies works on has to match the original vision and elicit the requisite ‘WOW” response from loyal DW collectors, the media and the design community.
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