In a world that supports disposable products, the David Wiener Collection creates elegant items designed to last for generations. DWC products are designed to be used full-time and then be handed down so that others can enjoy these timeless works of technology and art.

DWC products are constructed using safe materials and construction methods that allow both long-term use and ease of service. As parts are machined, all aluminum shavings are recycled. Machine coolant is water-based and paint processes are controlled to reduce environmentally negative processes.

As limited edition, collectable items, DWC products maximize value: both in terms of cost and long-term enjoyment. When considering the cost of DWC products, be sure to weigh the ultimate value and quality of these offerings, their lifespan and the extreme and varied enjoyment that each DWC product provides to its owner.

So as people replace or upgrade their music players, iPods, stereo systems, computers and other gear, you can be happy in the knowledge that your DWC products will last a lifetime and longer, providing exceptional performance, durability and elegance.

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